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Title Roll: Introduction

In November 2007, I participated in a project entitled Relay, a commission from the finetuned organisation. I had previously produced the set of still photographs called Box Nos.1-12 and had been working on a video version entitled Title Roll where the whole collection of ten and twelve inch vinyl records spines (titles) would be filmed over a two hour period. The original idea was to use a very brief sample from each disc and to mix the samples to make the video soundtrack but it was realised, in order to do that,

copyright clearance would be be needed for each disk which would have amounted to about 1200 separate agreements. So we decided on an installation where the newly constructed, self powered dolly (which I had made from mostly recycled materials for this very purpose), conveyed a video camera and illumination down the length of the stacked record sleeves and a lead fed the captured image from the camera to a digital projector which, in turn, projected the image onto a screen.

The Relay Exhibition was curated by Gavin Peacock and Julian Weaver.

An Exhibition Paper was written by Julian Weaver