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Susannah Hewlett

Chris Titmas’s Whitstable Mini Break

Chris Titmas, renowned VSS shopping channel host and personality is having a mini-break in Whitstable. Since his fiancé Lisa left he’s not quite been himself. Not the ideal holiday destination admittedly (but a cheap one), his nan’s caravan provides solace for Chris as he puts the final touches to his self published self-help guide to love “I’m Chris Titmas and I know how I feel” as well as trying to get a wifi signal so that he can Facebook stalk Lisa in peace.

Unable to keep out of the public eye, Chris arranges to make a one-off appearance on the beach where he’ll be signing photos and telling you about his new VSS summer products range. Chris imparts his new philosophies on life, love and must-have products—and shows you just how good it is to get away from it all.

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