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Pompidou Centre, Paris. November 2005. From the series: Looking Up. Archival Inkjet print 60 x 40 cm.


Bernard G Mills is an independent fine art photographer.

This website is a portfolio of current work which includes several ongoing series of photographs and an archive of

photographs taken since the 1960s.

Alongside my own long term projects, I also produce work for other people and photograph the work of other artists

and musicians.

There are three main sections:

    Current Work

        Seven ongoing series of photographs:


        Selected from exhibitions and projects 1997-2008

    Work for Others:        

        Photographs for artists, designers, exhibitions, galleries, publications and catalogues

        Extra Ordinary Objects:

        Looking Up:

        On Walls:

        In Galleries:


        Self Portraits:


Photographs of apparently obsolete technological devices 2006—

The view vertical 2008—

Distressed graphics and markings on the vertical plane 1996—

Photographs made in art galleries and at art events 2007—

Portrayal by shelf contents 2000—                         

Figurative, situational and representative 1965—

Photographs taken in European cities 1995—

        Rear Window





APEC’s responses to the cinematic. 2011

Books on shelves, in boxes and in stacks. 2008

A silent video sound installation. 2007

Photographs of a record collection as an aid to identity. 2005            

Photographs of the characteristic cliffs, undercliff walk and features at Rottingdean,

Saltdean and the coast near Brighton. 1997

        Monica Ross

        Anet van de Elzen

        Anna Deamer

        Anna Hunt

        Annika Ström

        Barbara Loftus

        Claudia Fontes

        David Medalla

        Elpida Hadzi-Vasileva

        Jacques Azagury

        Jane King

        Karin van Pinxteren

        Lara Viana


        Louise Bristow

        Mikhail Karikis

        Mona Hatoum

        meta. Gallery

        Mikel Rosen   

        Permanent Gallery

        Susan Hiller

        Whitstable Biennale

        Shoop Shoop 1

        Shoop Shoop 2

        The Specials 1: Rehearsal

        The Specials 2: Barbarella’s

Photographs are available to buy as prints. Details can be found on the Purchase page. If you are interested in buying

a print that is not listed as for sale, contact me and I can supply it at the required size.

All images are copyright and may not be used in any way without permission.

This website is continually added to and was last updated in October 2015.

Documentation of Anniversary—an act of memory.


Cinematic installations

Threads on canvas

Portrait and paintings and performance

Paintings photographed for catalogue and archives.

Ceramic figures

Performance at the Zap Club, Brighton in 1996

We Are Shadows at the Unit 2 Gallery

Perfume launch event in 2008


Documentation of exhibition at Grey Area Gallery, Brighton

Paintings photographed for catalogue and archives

Conference 2001 and exhibition 2012

Paintings photographed for catalogue and archives

Documentation of Xenon: an exploded opera.

Exhibition at the Akademie der Künste, Berlin

Exhibitions documentation and a demonstration

Food, fashion and interiors

Documentation of exhibitions and installations for the Gallery’s archives

Documentation of exhibitions


Circa 1976 at the Golden Eagle with Pete King and Mike Horseman

Circa 1977 at the Golden Eagle with Mike Horseman

Jerry Dammers’ kitchen in Coventry circa 1978

On stage at the Birmingham nightclub circa 1978

    Early work:      

        Photographs from the archive




Ruby Turner, Steve Ajao, The Wide Boys, Terry and Gerry

Photographs made in 1965-1966